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Real estate industry experts (brokers)

Brock Hotel Group

Alan Brock
Darin Brock

(817) 410-5731

Brown Hotel Group

Chuck Nester

(805) 496-9797

Hoover Lodging Reality, Inc.

Lynn E. Hoover

(303) 504-9292

Greene, Canfield, DeGeorge, Ltd
Anthony DeGeorge
Noah L. Canfield
Bernie Jaffraint

(727) 447-8383


Bruce Holmes
Peter Holmes

(405) 810-1414


Mike Cahill
Scott Stephens

(303) 267-0057

Huff Niehaus & Associates

H. Brandt Niehaus
Michael R. Faridi

(502) 254-7787

Hunter Realty Associates Inc

Bob Hunter
Lee Hunter
Teague Hunter

(770) 916-0300


Deirdre Murphy

(516) 482-2444

Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels

Stephen M. Leslie


Lodging Property Brokers Inc

Dick Lopez

(707) 257-2759

M.J. Rome, Inc.

Mark Rome

(972) 868-9029

Marcus & Millichap

Scott Brash
Lili Gewargis

(312) 327-5400

Merrell Associates, Inc.

C. Kem Merrell

(870) 633-2211

Motel/Hotel Specialists

Roger M. Story

(559) 431-3885

Motels By Gudim

Henry M. Votel

(651) 426-1610

The Mumford Company

David Mumford, CHB
Ed James
Steve Kirby

(757) 873-0962

National Hotel Realty Advisors

Patrick H. Ford
Kenneth W. Ford
Patrick (J.P.) Ford
Peter Roy

(603) 431-8740

Smith Dean Burgett Hotel Investments

Gary L. Smith
Meril J. Dean

(734) 216-1551

Paramount Lodging Advisors

Dan Beider

(312) 239-0574

Procom Lodging Brokers

Fred Ferrarini
Steven Ferrarini

(805) 238-7990

Scoggin-Blue & Associates Inc

Steven B. Blue

(505) 523-7421

Shaffer Hospitality Brokerage Inc

Dave Shaffer

(417) 336-2222

Sonneco Properties Ltd

Stephen N. Sonneman

(316) 838-5790

Southeast International Hotel Brokers

Frank Smith

(417) 865-2520

Spectrum Hotel Group Inc

Heather Hamilton

(512) 328-6292

Westgor & Associates Inc

Jeff Westgor

(952) 835-9575

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