CIM Commercial Trust Corporation (CMCT) utilizes CIM Group's established approach to acquire and own stabilized real estate and real estate-related assets.

CMCT principally makes stabilized real estate acquisitions in office properties through its operator, CIM Group, by relying on CIM’s urban real estate strategy of qualifying communities.  CIM’s qualified communities are located in both transitional urban districts as well as established, thriving urban areas that have a variety of resources and amenities instrumental to the communities’ vibrancy.  CIM utilizes its complementary vehicles, which acquires and operates various types of properties in a qualified community, with CMCT being the principal vehicle for office property assets.

Since 1994, CIM has qualified more than 100 communities and has invested in approximately half of these. CIM’s community-focused approach, a critical component of CIM’s evaluation, has enabled CIM to enhance the value of assets to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in each of CIM’s complementary vehicles over the long term.  In particular, CIM’s stabilized real estate assets benefit from the development, repositioning, and asset management activities of CIM’s opportunistic strategy, which enhances overall community property values.

CIM believes that improving demographics combined with public commitment and future acquisitions in these urban qualified communities will provide greater returns compared to similar properties in other markets.

CMCT Strategy
Small Business Administration Loans

CMCT deploys a portion of its capital to providing Small Business Administration 7(a)-guaranteed government loans as well as conventional loans to businesses throughout the United States through its wholly owned subsidiary lending business.

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